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Exceptional leadership happens only when leadership development becomes a conscious act.

Improving the Human Condition

You take yourself everywhere you go. Today leadership faces a new world with new rules that can only be conquered with core self-knowledge and awareness like never before.

High-Performance Teams

There is no difference between a mediocre performing team and a high-performance team except for the leader’s ability to inspire. Discover how teams can be transformed.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Leadership Potential

Exceptional leadership means leading and inspiring others today and tomorrow. Being future-ready calls for an innovative solution that strategically combine coaching and skills training in a way that maximizes efficacy through increased productivity, improved competitiveness, and reduced attrition costs.

Potential is powerful. Find your power.

Potential is everything or nothing.

Potential is to be ceased, not wasted.

Potential is limitless.

Introducing Coaching-as-a-Benefit™


 Four Foundational Domains Conquered And Customized

For Knowledge Leaders, Teams, and Organization

Power Through Clarity

Regain your power through clarity with an established foundation, personal strategic planning, benchmarking and measuring, constraint analysis, and more.

Build Prosperous Relationships

Achieve your stated goals through improved interpersonal communication, development of emotional intelligence (EQ), and enhance performance and productivity through relationships.

Manage Stress and Conflict

Most stress goes unnoticed or misdiagnosed and often leads to conflict. Research shows that 87% of employees worldwide are stressed and emotionally disconnected from their workplaces due to stress.   If it is not addressed, stress ultimately hurts the morale, productivity, and profits of the organization.

Leadership and Professional Development Programs

Organizations have spent billions of dollars each year on learning content that is ineffective and unable to keep up with changing trends. A new approach is needed.

What Is (CaaB)


Our COACHING-AS-A-BENEFIT programs are designed to comprehensively address the mission-critical skills and future-readiness gaps identified by CEOs and business leaders. Each program is flexible and agile with gold-standard methodologies.

Who is CaaB for?

If you are a business leader, entrepreneur, people manager, consultant, or professional who is performance-driven, and, if you want to improve your leadership skills then this is for you.

What are the top 5 leadership skill gaps today?

According to numerous reports from hundreds of CEOs, Board of Directors surveyed, the top 5 skill gap categories that directly impact the bottom line are:

  • Leadership and delegation skills
  • Conflict Management skills
  • Listening skills
  • Mentoring and developing talent skills
  • Emotional Intelligence and communication skills
What are future-ready skills?

Being future-ready calls for an innovation-driven mindset that understand and anticipates the rules of the long game and leads to massive resiliency. They are:’

  • Disruptive Innovation Fluency
  • Organize for Innovation
  • Beyond Time Management
  • The Future of Work
  • Skills for the Machine Age
Why is CaaB the right solution for me?

Organizations have spent billions of dollars each year on learning content that is ineffective, unsustainable, and unable to keep up with changing trends. CaaB Solutions combine the gold standard of coaching and training to optimize results and investment.

Studies have proven that training alone is ineffective. Xerox Corporation’s extensive study found that in the absence of follow-up coaching to their training classes, 87% of the skills change brought about by the training program was lost.


How does CaaB work?

CaaB is fully guided to assist you every step of the way as you begin to design your future-self. It is brain-nurturing at its best backed by 30+ years of scientific research. CaaB programs are not a one-size-fits-all approach because we know that not all problems are nails and therefore, not all solutions should be hammers. 

We start the process with the following 5 optimized steps:

  • Define Primary Goal
  • Discover Capabilities and Priorities
  • Assess and Identify Success Insights and Metrics
  • Perform Needs Development – Create a Transformation Vision
  • Co-develop Personal Strategic Plan to 100%

From that point, you execute, measure, review, and adjust as needed to gain mastery of self.

Impact of Coaching-as-a-Benefit™

Survey Reports


Increase leader Confidence


Team Effectiveness


Business Management


Interpersonal Relationships

How And Why We Succeed Together

We use a human-first approach + science + technology to achieve ground-breaking results

Find hidden strengths and blindspots
Test your EQ and adaptability index
Discover untapped talents

Identify stress sources

+ more
Ideal for: professionals, teams, management, and executives
Individual or Group
Price per Assessment
2-3 Private Review Sessions

(Visit Talent Diagnostics Page)

Increase team productivity by up to 50%
Improve Interpersonal Relationships by 70%
Increase team’s adaptability index
+ much more
Ideal for: project teams, team leaders, and management
4-6 participants
Price per Person
Group training and private coaching
Reduce attrition rate by 75% and increase profit by 27%
Improve engagement up to 80% and sales by 50%
Benchmark Jobs and improve productivity by 38%
+ much more
Ideal for: management, HR and L&D departments
6-10 participants
Price per Person
Group training and career coaching
Improve leadership confidence up to 80%
Excel with future-readiness skills
Elevate strategic thinking skills
Build and retain high-performance teams
+ much more
Ideal for: managers, HR and L&D department heads
4-6 participants
Price per Person
Private and group sessions
Executive Success
Increase productivity and confidence 50-80%
Achieve Peak Performance and inspire others around you
Improve business management up to 60%
Master strategic thinking and mental ambidexterity
+ much more
Ideal for: management, executives, and high potentials.
1 participant
Custom Program Pricing
Customized training and 1:1 coaching

“I am not a product of my circumstance. I am a product of my decisions.”


– Stephen R. Covey

“My mission is to improve the human condition because only then can we truly innovate ourselves and everything around us. That’s when you become future-ready.”


– Adriana Vela

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