[Conflict Science Solutions™ is a co-development project between MarketTecNexus and Minute Mediation.]

Mission to Redress and Redefine the Mediation Process

London, United Kingdom, September 29, 2020 – Minute Mediation Ltd, an international mediation and conflict management consultancy, today announces the launch of mediation services that specialise in redressing conflicts and disputes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic with innovative approaches and solutions to assist businesses to move forward in a post-pandemic world.

“More than ever, businesses cannot afford the delay, cost, and mental health toll that accompanies conflicts and disputes,” said Avinder Laroya, CEDR accredited Mediator and founder. “My goal with Minute Mediation encompasses a philosophy of compassion with the determination to deliver the utmost efficiency and effectiveness for my clients.”

The Covid-19 pandemic is expected to present a huge pendency of cases in courts creating an urgency to utilise mediation with a focus on mental health according to the Chief Justice of India, S A Bobde. The CJI said he believes that this is the time when emphasis has to be placed on utilising mediation, pre-litigation and post-litigation mediation to resolve many matters (source: The Tribune).

The powerful combination behind the Conflict Science Solutions (CSS) with high skilled mediation makes it possible for our clients to be empowered to overcome differences without costly and lengthy litigation procedures.  It is a fundamental element to redefine mediation success. Clients include HR and corporate executives, business partners, property owners, and investors to settle their disputes and disagreements amicably, ensuring that our clients receive the best end of the deal.

In this time of the pandemic, business disputes are almost inevitable. When this occurs, no one is exempt from the three major costs that ensue – financial, business, and the mental cost to the parties.   Minute Mediation’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) delivers efficient and cost-effective skilled mediation services online with the same privacy and care to resolve your disputes safely and quickly. At Minute Mediation, every minute counts. Find out more about our ODR services here.

About Minute Mediation

Minute Mediation Ltd. is a full-service conflict management and mediation consultancy and the only mediation provider that offers vast business and legal expertise in combination with proven neuroscience-based technologies through its Conflict Science Solutions (CSS). Minute Mediation is one of a few practices that is exclusively focused on mediation with a mission to enable self-empowerment to negotiate better deals and manage conflicts into collaborations.

Areas of dedicated expertise include workplace mediation and areas of business, commercial, and property mediation such as commercial contract breach, business partnership or shareholder disputes, commercial landlord-tenant disputes, trademark or cross border disputes. Visit https://minutemediation.com.

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