The heritage of NanoTecNexus includes that our Non-Profit organization was founded on a principle that highlights the importance of education, partnering and investment opportunities, the NanoTecNexus founding board and supporting partners first launched as NanoBioNexus. The organization anchored a reputation that reached an international scale and provided the vision that drives the company today. It has delivered hundreds of forums that present relevant nanotechnologies and discuss the impact and opportunities for industry professionals, academics, commercial companies, and investors. Issues and challenges vital to this emerging field were also examined with scientific experts and industry pundits. As a market advisory group, NanoTecNexus provided a host of specialized consulting services to help accelerate the commercialization of nanotechnologies. Following is a sampling of major highlights since its launch. Click here to view the 10th Anniversary Video and description.


Founder Adriana Vela, a seasoned professional in the high-tech industry, built a team of scientific and business professionals with the goal to promote safe and market-accepted advances in nanosciences in areas ranging from medicine, defense, energy, water, and others.


Became the only organization of its kind chosen to be included in the Milken Institute’s global report “Minds to Market”. Recognized and recommended by UCSD as a named sub-recipient partner of a $20M five-year National Cancer Institute/NIH grant for the creation of a Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence with grant funding for an educational core team for more than $700K.


Recognized by United States Senator, Diane Feinstein for our work in educational and awareness efforts in the use of nanotechnology to fight cancer. Senator Feinstein created a video address to be delivered at the 2007 NanoTecNexus Anniversary Gala at the Salk Institute delivering a speech on the importance of this work done by the researchers at the NanoTumor Center and NanoBioNexus.


NanoTecNexus was appointed to participate in the national team to help co-author the National Cancer Institute Best Practices Operations Manual representing all eight Centers of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence.


Won a Bronze Telly Award for the production of a video titled “Fighting Cancer with Nanotechnology”. During this year the organization formally changed its corporate name from NanoBioNexus to NanoTecNexus to position itself for a broader convergence of nanotechnologies across many industries.


Chaired and moderated two CME (Continuing Medical Education) accredited Nano-Medicine Webinar Series totaling twelve sessions.


NanoTecNexus founder, Adriana Vela, recognized with an Athena Pinnacle Award for Individual in Technology category for her contribution and leadership to the San Diego community.


NanoTecNexus launches a new strategy to evolve into a social enterprise business model. In essence, an organization or venture that advances its social mission through entrepreneurial earned income strategies to enable higher impact for its educational mission extending to K-12 and the general public.


NanoTecNexus Learning Group, a sister entity to NanoTecNexus Inc, is created and earned a 501(c)3 designation to execute its new mission. NanoTecNexus celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary

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