SAN DIEGO — NanoTecNexus (NTN) Learning Group, a leading nanotech educational organization that invests in the industry/academia/K-12 ecosystem, launched its “Do-U-Nano™” app, designed to promote nanoscience and nanotechnology education. The mobile app is available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) via iTunes/App Store and Android devices via Google Play Store. The Web version is available at on the NTN Resources/Explore   Nanotechnology page.

Development of this novel educational tool is the result of a winning collaboration between NanoTecNexus and SmartGenies, Inc., whose platform is designed as a virtual conversation that can be applied to many business applications. For NTN, this platform provided an opportunity to advance one of its main goals—that of promoting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education—by assigning the project to its 2014 team of interns. The six interns combined knowledge gained from individual projects to design an interactive multimedia experience that is fun and user-friendly.

This win-win-win project allowed the NTN interns to gain valuable real- world skills, such as market research, specifications and design, project management, and team collaboration in order to produce a finished product. The target audiences of K-12 education and the general public with an interactive nanotechnology tour now widely available on a broad range of

platforms, at no cost. And NTN wins as it continues to add resources that educate and promote nanotechnology.

“We live in a technology-based economy, and NTN is answering the call to help elevate the opportunities for students by

providing opportunities to work on real-world programs,” noted Adriana Vela, founder and CEO, NanoTecNexus. “It is critical that we improve science literacy and help alleviate the skilled workforce gap by inspiring students to pursue STEM education and careers.”

Ronen Levy, cofounder of SmartGenies Inc., added that “the best way to communicate is through conversation—a two-way dialog—and that interacting with digital information should work the same way. It’s just common sense, and there are countless studies that back this up.”

NTN is actively recruiting 2015 interns and expects to continue delivering on its promise to create high-quality internship experiences with relevant, socially driven projects. Information on the NTN internship program located at

About NanoTecNexus Learning Group

NanoTecNexus (NTN) Learning Group focuses on inspiring K-12 students to pursue STEM education careers and transforming how individuals learn about nanotechnology and its impact on industry, academia, and society. NTN Learning Group is a 501c3 spin-off of NTN, Inc. and leverages 10 years of dedication to the nanotechnology industry to achieve its new K-12 educational mission. Founded in 2004 as an industry association, NTN is acclaimed as a leading nonprofit organization that invests in the ecosystem comprised of industry, academia and K-12 education. Originally founded as NanoBioNexus, NTN dedicated its first five years to the intersection of nanotechnology and biotechnology. In 2009, the organization expanded to other sectors and continues to evolve to meet the needs of its constituencies. For more information, visit

About SmartGenies

Founded in 2013, SmartGenies software allows users to quickly and easily create interactive content and distribute that content via web, mobile, social, and email channels. It is a unique approach, which allows companies to stand apart from their competitors. SmartGenies creates a virtual conversation that answers prospect and customer-specific questions, providing only the information requested in a timely and engaging way. SmartGenies solutions benefit all departments within a company–from sales and marketing, training, and FAQs to customer support, product management, and HR. For more information on SmartGenies, visit and check out the many examples on the Applications page.

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